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Protect Your Community Brand

Online communities are built on trust, with members opening up about themselves and hoping to make new connections. This, unfortunately, opens them up to abuse and manipulation and is an open invitation to fraud. Phishing attacks, identity theft, bullying and account takeover are just a few of the most common threats facing online communities. With iovation, you can leverage our device detection and multifactor authentication capabilities to keep fraudsters out without sacrificing user experience.

In order to keep fraudsters out, online communities must deploy effective solutions that look at information independent of what is supplied by users. iovation’s device recognition technology provides deep insight into the devices being used to create multiple accounts and exposes hidden device-account relationships that identity-based fraud solutions often miss. All without jeopardizing the user experience.

Key Capabilities

  • Protect your brand
  • Keep your customers safe
  • Reduce affiliate fraud
  • Identify and isolate fraud rings
  • Stop repeat offenders in your community
  • Provide an outstanding user experience without sacrificing security

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