We keep members safe from abuse and fraud.

Online communities are all about connections. Ensure your community is filled with trusted members, not fraudsters. We keep your online community safe from phishing attacks, identity theft, bullying and account takeover.

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98% of customers saw ROI within 1 year or sooner after implementing our solutions.

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57% like working with us because of the support from our Customer Success Managers.

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57% of online communities appreciate us for our fraud prevention and authentication products.

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Protect your brand and your members’ trust.

Effortless logins using invisible or multifactor authentication provide the ultimate in user experience and security.

  • Prevent fraud from affiliate accounts.

    Identify user patterns that indicate fraud, or use our device intelligence database to block devices linked to known online fraud elsewhere.

  • Block abusive users and protect your customers.

    Our device recognition technology provides critical insights into devices being used to create multiple accounts, insights that identity-based fraud solutions often miss.

  • Welcome members in, while keeping fraudsters out.

    Cybercriminals know that online communities are rich sources for personal data, so they try to worm their way in and defraud unsuspecting members. Our powerful fraud prevention and authentication solutions recognize bad players right away, keeping them out of your community and keeping personal data safe.

  • Stop fakers from posting, using our device-based authentication technology.

    Our device-based authentication will help you ensure that posts are coming from legitimate members, and not some spoofer or fraudster who’s hijacked a member’s account.

Affiliate fraud was almost impossible for us to uncover before iovation. We saw nearly all our fraud drop after implementation. The reduction was absolutely huge.

Director of Policy Compliance at a Major Social Network

Keep your communities safe and your customers happy.

We have authentication solutions that protect your valued members, plus fraud detection solutions that detect and stop fraud cold.

Provide effortless login and authentication while you:

  • Protect your brand
  • Keep your customers safe
  • Reduce affiliate fraud
  • Identify and isolate fraud rings
  • Stop repeat offenders
  • Offer outstanding user experiences

Trusted by some of the biggest names in online communities.